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With over 40 years of preaching and teaching ministry you will find Bishop Dupree's messages go right into you! If you enjoy these then click this link: Bishop Dupree 

Psalms 91 - Day 1

Bishop Frank takes us "Into The Secret Place of The Most High" verse by  verse. These brief videos are going to build your faith and help you  stay focused on Jesus during this time of trouble. 

Psalms 91 - Day 2

Bishop Frank continues this verse by verse exposition of the powerful Psalm! Make sure to read Psalm 91 every morning! 

psalms 91 - day 3

Helping us "Keep our minds stayed on God", Bishop shows us the power of Faith in Psalm 91.
Did you read Psalm 91 this morning? 

psalms 91 - Day 4

He is Our Refuge... Our Fortress... We are kept safe "under His wings"! Bishop continues sharing about Psalm 91 today. 

psalms 91 - Day 5

We have made it into the Secret Place! Our Minds are on Jesus! We are "Looking unto" Him! No "attacking virus" can touch us! 

psalms 91 - day 6

The Lord has Promised Deliverance and He will do it! He is not a man  that He should lie... BUT... Always remember, we need to do our part!  Covenant is an "If... Then" thing. So, read the Psalm and, as Nike says:  "Just Do It!" 

psalms 91 - Day 7

There is a deep part to the message today... You'll find it at the  end... I'm praying for you as you watch this... HOW? In the Spirit I'm  asking The Lord to Bless each and every person as they watch these  Devotionals. 

psalms 91 - day 8

The Bible speaks of a "Day of Trouble"... This is surely one of them!  But, The Lord is with us and we have The Word of God! Use the Scripture  as a Sword of The Spirit and you can defeat the enemy at anything! Even  if we fall... as we all do, The Lord will Deliver us! Amen! 

psalm 91 - day 9

When we "set our love on Him" The Lord promises to deliver us from evil! This is a powerful Psalm that we can use against fear and all the works of the enemy!

psalm 91 - day 10

This is the Last Day of this Video Devotional. I hope you have enjoyed it and that you are Trusting In Jesus more!

The Coronavirus

"For Such a Time as This"... 

Bishop Dupree addresses the Coronavirus situation. He brings us to The  Book of Esther and then Exodus to see God's Plan for protection. He  shows us how to walk in Faith and not presumption as we Shine our Light  in the world! 

Align Your heart

Minister Yazdell Echavarria shares a deep Word with us about our Hearts  being Miss-Aligned and how Our Father desires to put them back into  Alignment with His Will! 

The Remnant Revolution

Minister Edgar Feliciano brings a Revelatory Word about the Remnant!

The Rise of the remnant

This is the 1st Message of 2020! It is a Call to hear the Sound of the Trumpet to Gather unto the Door; Jesus! It's a "no compromise" message that will challenge your to "press into" The Remnant!

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Crossing Your Jordan

See how you can enter into your Promised Land!

Have The Faith of God

In this short video you will find a powerful revelation about Faith!

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